A passport to nowhere

During the last few weeks of December 2017, the British Prime Minister announced that the United Kingdom, will be changing the colour of the passport document, from Burgundy to Blue.

Theresa may passport announcement

Apparently this document is supposed to symbolise Independence, Sovereignty and Nationhood and help to manifest pride.  To who exactly ?

The bored customs official that has to work his way through a thousand passports in a shift and ask a barrage of pointless bureaucratic questions as to why people have chosen to travel.

Why on earth people need a document to denote that they live in one certain corner of the globe and if they wish  to travel to another they need to have some document.  It is a complete fallacy.

When traveling lining up to go through a passport check is an inconvenience I would rather do without.  I will feel no more proud or  satisfaction than I would using the public conveniences after disembarking from whatever mode of transport I have been on.

In all the years I have traveled across the globe, not once have I ever had feelings that my sovereignty & independence have not been expressed. However, I have felt my liberty and freedom are clearly oppressed, just by the very fact that I supposedly need a  document to travel with.

In his book – Yuval Noah Harari  , discusses the concept of Imagined Orders , these being Religions, Money, Laws, Nations, Countries and Cults.

A passport document, at best, only serves to illustrate that you subscribe to a particular sect of imagined orders.

It is nothing  more than a proclamation that you are subservient and indoctrinated by the forces  that enforce a set of imagined rules and practices that are fabricated to control you.

How do you cause people to believe in an imagined order such as Christianity, democracy or capitalism? First, you never admit that the order is imagined.

Yuval Noah Harari

A symbol to prove that you only have the freedom and liberty to choose and act within the confines of rules and regulations that others have pre-ordained. That at any moment in time, these rules and regulations can be and are changed to suit the wishes of those who are in control of you.

The rules can be bent and shaped whenever they need to be. Lets take the topic of Brexit, which clearly serves as an example of just how these rules can be re-imagined at will.

The United Kingdom, is inhabited by 69 Million people, estimates published by the Office of National Statistics ,  then an advisory referendum was held to guage the public opinion and support on whether they would like to remain members of an imagined order of the EU, or re-create a previously imagined order.

17.5 Million people of the total 69 Million apparently voted to exchange imagined orders.  Less than a third of the entire population voted for this, yet now the entire population has to exchange orders.

Apparently this is what Democracy, Patriotism and Nationalism is all about! If you didn’t vote to exchange imagined orders you are now deemed unpatriotic, traitors and undesirable.  So much so, that if you don’t like it you should leave!

The snag is, if you choose to leave you must carry with you a blue document that symbolises your Independence, Sovereignty and Nationhood.  Yet another symbol of the patriots delusion

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