Anarchy In the EU

Many people may initially think why the EU would be more appealing to an anarchist than a locally controlled government ?

The answer is quite simple, the EU is not a state!  It also doesn’t profess to be one either.  If we take the goals and values  of the EU . There are no restrictive measures against anarchism.

Much of the commentary regarding Brexit has been targetted about Trade Agreements, economic developments and from my perspective at least, curtailing the rights and freedoms of the individual.

Personally, I am vehemently opposed to any curtailing of rights and freedoms of the individual just to further capitalistic gains. I firmly believe individuals and humanity are able to innovate regardless of the political ideologies.

As far, as the desire or the hope that Britain will find economic advantages by seeking trade deals with other distant allys, is rather preposterous. As anyone take the time to read Richard Heinbergs End of Growth and

It is time for humanity to acknoweldge it has a problem with consumerism and take steps to break from the addiction. Points we have previously addressed in Britain is rubbish

Freedom of movement

It is somewhat ironic that in order to supposedly gain Freedom, Independence and Sovereignty we have to sacrifice our freedom of movement. For an anarchist, this nothing more than the suppression of liberty.

People may argue, that people travelled and settled in Europe prior to the establishment of the EU and so will in all likelihood be able to again. This may be the case, but the reality is people will once again be subjected to unnecessary beauracracy.

The suppression of these rights are supposedly for our benefit and necessary to control the influx of migrants. Apparently we have an influx of unsavoury characters hell bent on causing death and destruction on our streets.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out, that primary reason for this is we have waged death and destruction on their streets.

The state still thinks it’s prudent to continue to sell bombs, arms and ammunition to tyrants and despots to the affected nations. A case in point is that UK UK sales of arms and military kit to Saudi Arabia hit £1.1bn in 2017.

The state perversely thinks it can keep its subjects safe by attempting to control its borders while it continues to wage war.

Reap what you sow

Neo-liberalism has delivered us to this point. The point where corporations have more freedom that people that the people working within them.

We are also steadily increasing the levels of hate crime on the streets of Britain

Taking the country back

Besides leaving the EU to be an economical mistake, leading to job losses, increases in the cost of living and political uncertainty. Even more important than the financial consequences for the country is the consequence to Britain as a community and the loss of the moral values.

The vote for Brexit was sold to the notion as way to take back control, the reality is the people living in the country will have exactly the same levels of control of the state, as they have outside of the EU. They will have absolutely no control. In fact, they will lose more of their civil liberties than they will ever gain.

….the European Union is not about slogans, it is not about procedures, it is not about regulations. Our Union is a guarantee that freedom, dignity, democracy and independence are no longer only our dreams, but our everyday reality.

Donald Tusk

The real answer to the problems described above is workers organising as a class, across Europe, to take direct action in our own interests. Not to make the choice dictated by those who are at the top of the political power structure and at least as much of an enemy as those in Brussels.

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