Britain is rubbish

The headline no doubt will be jumped upon by far right extremist groups as unpatriotic & treacherous  vindication that the author must die!

Members of the elistist groups will also in all likelihood not even give more than their a lotted 8 seconds attention span to read the rest of this post.  They will argue, why should they take time to read opinions, debate and dialogue that is in opposition to theirs.

It is  sad fact of life, that only illustrates how intellectually ineffective their opinions and arguments are.  They may be purely based on rhetoric and unsubstantiated  ramblings of some pompous unelected leader of the people,  such as Nigel Farage.

For the reader, that has made it thus far, I would like to highlight that it is not the author of this post opinion, it is rather the demonstrated view point of the people of the supposedly proud and patriotic people of the nation that elect to call themselves the Great British public.

It is an opinion that is voiced and accentuated every  day and every moment another piece of  disposable packaging is set free to roam the British countryside unrestricted.

In order to illustrate my point, view the pictures of exactly how the supposed Proud & Great nation like to treat the country.

Ironically, most of the garbage in all likelihood wasn’t even manufactured in Britain.  I freely admit it’s not a purely scientific or substantive research, but only a small snap shot of reading where the package was produced.

In a typically anarchistic approach, I rather UN-patriotically picked up the offending litter disposing of it in my own bin,  and to wait for the council services to collect it on their bi-weekly service rota .

It seems that those in charge believe that we should love our garbage so much, that we should conserve our money and live with our garbage a little longer.  We should have to endure the vile and unhealthy smells and bacteria rotting away in back gardens.

Apparently this is necessary, so the nation can implement austerity measures in order to save a few quid.

Britain is addicted to rubbish

Having traveled extensively and spent time in a number of areas throughout the United Kingdom.  I have hiked through the Countrysides – countrysides which it’s people love to refer to as their own nationalistic countrysides – The English Country side, Welsh Country side, Scottish Country side and Irish Country side. 

I have climbed all of the highest peaks of these areas.  Rambled some of the finest ocean paths.  Canoed some rivers. Swan in the English Channel, Celtic Sea, Irish Sea and the North Sea.

I visited, worked and lived in a number of Britain’s capital and historic cities : London, Cardiff, Swansea, Birmingham, Oxford, Cambridge, Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Bristol, Exeter, Gloucester, Cheltenham, Dover, Bath, Bournemouth and Nottingham.

I have visited a number of great and ancient historical landmarks and many nature parks: Stonehenge, Leeds Castle, Harlech castle, Avebury Stone Cirlce,  the Gower,  North Devon Beaches,  the new forest,  Thetford forest and  many more.

I love going to visit these symbols of Britain. I feel it is important to take my children to visit and appreciate them.

Sadly I have to acknowledge its all rubbish or more to the point it’s all full of rubbish!

Britain loves rubbish so much, it wants to illustrate to the rest of the world just how much we do so,  by throwing it all over place.

Freedom of movement and trade

Over the past few months we have heard a lot of rhetoric regarding the Freedom of Movement and these all elusive Free Trade Agreements.  However, in reading through most of the commentary there is never any information on the ecological impact these will have.

One can only conclude that the primary reason we need or desire the more trade agreements is that as a nation we are not content with the levels of garbage we have and want more.  We need to import more cheap and nasty garbage to scatter across our countryside.

Possibly we want the ability to export our garbage to pollute other areas.  Maybe Europe doesn’t do an adequate job of dispersing our garbage across it’s countryside and we feel this is too restrictive on British garbage?

It is also quite possible that we feel we need to restrict freedom of movement just so we can protect our garbage.  Maybe we don’t want those pesky foreigners coming here and throwing their garbage to mix in with our garbage.  Most probably some of those visiting foreign hands may have had a hand in manufacturing some of that garbage.

Britain is sick

If one analyses this state of affairs one can only conclude that Britain is sick.  The litter problem that the nation has is a form of collective psychological projection.  The nation currently regards and treats itself as disposable garbage.

Soil pollution pollution caused by the excessive dumping of non-degradable garbage has many health implications

  • Cancer, including leukemia – caused by the contact with soils contaminated with chemicals (e.g. gasoline, benzene)
  • Nervous system damage – caused especially by the presence of lead (Pb) in soil, and affecting especially children
  • Neuromuscular blockage and depression of the central nervous system
  • Kidney and liver damage – caused by chemicals such as mercury (Hg)

We also don’t have to look too far back in human history, to find the devastating effects of plagues caused by pollution and csqualid living conditions.

Black Death killed 50 million people in the 14th century, or 60 per cent of Europe’s entire population.

The Black Death was an epidemic of bubonic plague, a disease caused by the bacterium Yersinia pestis that circulates among wild rodents where they live in great numbers and density. Such an area is called a ‘plague focus’ or a ‘plague reservoir’. Plague among humans arises when rodents in human habitation, normally black rats, become infected. The black rat, also called the ‘house rat’ and the ‘ship rat’, likes to live close to people, the very quality that makes it dangerous (in contrast, the brown or grey rat prefers to keep its distance in sewers and cellars)

Lets consider this when there is already a strain on the National Health Service (NHS), which is can’t even cope with a somewhat of minor flu epidemic. All because the state also wants to save a few quid and implement austerity measures.

It doesn’t take long for one to conclude that the state is somewhat powerless and dysfunctional and not serving the nation it is supposed too. Instead the state is engaged with pointless, meaningless and useless Brexit.

Irrespective of what the politicians attempt to lead you to believe the state is no more powerful and invulnerable as the small city states used to be in the middle ages. They are only more dysfunctional and corrupt.

Isolation and quarantine

It may be that Nigel Farage and the rest of his ilk have acknowledged a problem and therefore have decided that the only way to protect Britain and the rest of the world is consciously place ourselves in quarantine and isolation from .

We don’t want to let anymore people in for fear that they too will become infected with disease and we don’t want to let anybody out for fear that they will infect others.

This could be the only reason we could account for the strange behaviour of Brexit ?

Freedom from our addictions

I have come to these conclusions  after reading Russel Brands book –    – in order to gain some understanding of the process rid people of addiction.

is unashamedly a “self-help” book based on the 12-step programme used by Alcoholics Anonymous and related groups, rewritten in Brand’s characteristically rococo style to be applied to every kind of addictive behaviour from social media to consumerism, to which we are all hostage to some degree.

If you’re like me, you’ll begin to see that you have learned to live with dissatisfaction, always vaguely aggrieved, believing there is nothing better out there for you. There is.

Russell Brand


Maybe it was the perfect mix of ,reading , whilst listening to Amy Winehouse – on a New Years Day nursing the effects of the previous evenings over indulgence and frivolities , that lead to this epiphany! but maybe Brexit is just a collective plea from a nation that it needs help and wants to check into rehab.

As a nation, we acknowledge we have an addiction problem and we want to free ourselves from our addiction to consumerism! These moves of isolationism and quarantine are just a form of international rehab clinic. Britains addiction to consumerism has lead to unmanageable and irrecoverable levels of household debt

It is normal for addicts to cast blame on others before finally admitting they are the only problem, and it only themselves that can help free themselves from addiction. In the case of Britain, they blame has been cast onto the EU but in reality the nation needs to accept that it needs to look inwardly and realise it only has itself to blame.

All addicts go through periods of denial, anguish, torment, illness , instability , uncertainty , lonliness, violent struggle and final capitulation to acceptance of thier problems before they can move ahead on the path to recovery. It is all part of the 12 steps to recovery

This all now makes perfect sense, when take Britains litter problem. No addicts surroundings are clean or desirable places to live. Due in part that the addicts fixation is only on their vice of choice and everything else is superfluous to fulfilling that desire.

Dysfunctional state

Britains litter problem are also very indicative of just how dysfunctional the state is. The state is no longer serving the people, rather it is just telling the people that it is serving and not delivering.

Politicians are spending their time with their petty squabbling about policies. Passing the blame of unfilled on to the opposing parties. Implementing policies that have no real benefit to the nation.

Brexit is nothing but a distraction and largely a massive waste of time and resources. It will take years if not decades before any discernable impacts are delivered to the nation. Requiring money and effort redirected to resources.

Politicians are in denial and have lost control of the state, much like addicts. The state will continue to spiral out of control and problems will continue to worsen as they attempt to implement knee jerk reactions to policies.

Just like addicts the politicians are able to blame others for their problems. IThey now have additional scapegoats to blame their issues EU, Brexit or the opposition party, all they while not attending to real problems.

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