The disenfranchised majority

The past 2 years of the Brexit shambles in the United Kingdom, has definitely strained the Great British public. More and more people are feeling completely disenfranchised, whichever side they may have voted for.

The Brexit Debate

The brexit debate that has captured the attention of many Extremist ideologies and quite literally has divided the nation.

Three distinct groups have emerged, Remain, Leave and the Undeclared. The surprising fact from the entire Brexit Debate, is that Undeclared group, is by far the greater majority yet don’t seem to have an explicit position in the debate.

The statistics of the referendum results make interesting reading, and deserve some unbiased scrutiny.

It’s surprising that only 72% of the electorate actually voted. Which considering the entire population of the United Kingdom is estimated to be 70 Million People, so this translates an electorate of 46, 500, 001, only 33,551,983 people actually participated.

Leave received 17,410,742 votes, and Remain only 16,141,241, in Percentage terms this translates to 51.9% to 48.1%, which in democratic terms signifies a percentage win for Leave of less than 4%.

We continually hear cries that the government are not listening to the voices of the 17.4 Million. Yet in reality they are not a clear majority, they are not even a clear majority of the electorate that voted. They are a marginal majority at best.

Over the course of two years, it has also become clear that opinions on both sides, with what appears to be that, that quite unbelievably some human beings have changed their minds.

Who would’ve thought it. Human beings and most creatures on this planet in fact, possess a mass of matter, that can make decisions and change those decisions in micro-seconds. If you consider how many micro-seconds there are in two years, then try to calculate the possibilities there are that a human beings could’ve possibly changed their minds. It’s rather astounding.

To give you a clue, its a bit like looking up at the night sky and seeing all the stars and picking which one has the possibility of a planet with life on it!

This is mostly my issue with the whole debate. Personally my mind constantly fluctuates wildly from, I couldn’t be bothered, to Brext is totally shit, to the whole thing just completely winds me up!

Why Brexit is ultimately pointless

The most ironic thing about Brexit, is that ultimately it will have very little impact on the rights of the average citizen. It will not affect your everyday freedoms that you already have. When you make up the morning after the great Brexit rubbish that happens. You will not feel any different, be able to behave any differently or even do anything different that cannot be done already.

The mind is sharper and keener in seclusion and uninterrupted solitude. No big laboratory is needed in which to think. Originality thrives in seclusion free of outside influences beating upon us to cripple the creative mind.

Nikola tesla

Dysfunctional State

Possibly the only benefit that Brexit has actually provided at all, is that it has served to highlight the realities of the dysfunctional state of British politics, along with the fact that most people have a distorted view of what democracy actually means.

Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others.

Winston Churchill

Over the past 2 years, it has become abundantly clear that both sides of debate clearly lied, manipulated the truth and clearly breached many regulations.  However, the public seems to only want to debate which side did it more!

Obviously, if both sides were guilty then it doesn’t matter which one is the biggest culprit. However, the state and the establishment won’t entertain that debate.  The proles are left arguing about which version of the facts the ministry of truth spew out onto the streets is the one they choose to swallow.

2018 will be the year remembered, if ministry chooses it too, to be the year that Britain finally slipped into the abyss of Orwells 1984.

All the state has done for the entire 2 years since the Referendum is entertain petty squabbles and botch negotiations.  The reality is that it has no idea, what it needs to do, its got itself into a mess which it really didn’t want to be in.  Its one thing to engage in petty squabbles and entertain delusions of grandeur but its a completely different trying to deliver the vapour-ware 

If there is hope it lies in the Proles

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