The disenfranchised majority

The past 18 months of the Brexit shambles in the United Kingdom is definitely starting to show strains on the Great British public. More and more people are feeling completely disenfranchised, on both sides of the Brexit debate.

The Brexit Debate

Obviously the one topic that has most of the UK engaged and enraged is Brexit. It certainly is a debate that has captured the attention of many Extremist ideologies and quite literally has divided the nation.

Three distinct groups have emerged, Remain, Leave and the Undeclared. The surprising fact from the entire Brexit Debate, is that Undeclared group, is by far the greater majority yet don’t seem to have an explicit position in the debate.

The statistics of the referendum results make interesting reading, and deserve some unbiased scrutiny.

It’s surprising that only 72% of the electorate actually voted. Which considering the entire population of the United Kingdom is estimated to be 70 Million People, so this translates an electorate of 46, 500, 001, only 33,551,983 people actually participated.

Leave received 17,410,742 votes, and Remain only 16,141,241, in Percentage terms this translates to 51.9% to 48.1%, which in democratic terms signifies a majority percentage win for Leave.


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